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14:55 Jan 26 2011

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Tibet's cultural popularity increases overseas
09:20, January 25, 2011  

The Tibet Culture Conference kicked off in Lhasa on Jan. 23, 2011. Nyima Tsering, director-general of Culture Department of Tibet Autonomous Region said, Tibet has become more influential in cultural exchanges for the past 5 years, China Tibet Online reported.

Tibet has been actively pushing forward cultural exchanges with the outside world. Twenty-three enterprises in Tibet attended various major expositions or trade fairs last year, promoting 42 cultural project proposals for investment. Up till now, Tibet has set up two national-level cultural industry demonstration bases. Its fine artistic works "Happiness on the way" was listed as a "Key Project for national Tourism".

Meanwhile, Tibet planned and held "Archaeology and Art Palace in Tibet" exhibitions in Taiwan and Japan successfully to enhance cultural exchanges. "The Spring Rain Project", which sent culture volunteers from all over China to Tibet, enhanced its cooperation with the other parts of China.

During the Shanghai World Expo, several fine programs for "Tibetan Culture Weekly", including "Celestial Tibet", "Snowland Jewelry" and "Auspicious blessing", etc. demonstrated ethnic Tibetan culture in an all round way.

Thirty-six groups in Tibet have visited nearly 40 countries or regions, including the US, Spain and Taiwan, etc. They have established cultural exchanges with nearly 100 cities overseas. Tibet has also received 23 foreign groups for cultural exchanges. All of these have helped boost the popularity of Tibet culture overseas.


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