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08:42 Jan 26 2011

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Pilot rewarding mechanism works well for Tibet's grassland protection
08:42, January 26, 2011  

The pilot rewarding mechanism for grassland protection has worked out well in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region since it started from August in 2009.

The effects of such a mechanism have been shown in the following three aspects:

First, Tibet has gradually increased the amount of animals for sale and achieved the objective of deciding on the number of livestock based on the grassland carrying capacity. Statistics showed that over 23.24 million livestock have been raised in Tibet by the end of 2009, decreased by 810,000 compared to that of 2008. It was the biggest reduction in recent years with the total number of livestock fell to a record low since 2001.

Second, Tibet has enhanced the mechanism for grassland protection and consolidated the achievements of the reform step by step in pastoral areas. The counties undergoing the pilot operation have built up the rewarding and assessment system with public supervision involved to ensure rewards accessible to households.

Third, the increased income of local Tibetans has increased their awareness of grassland eco-protection. The herders' income rose by 2,410 yuan per household in participating counties, which has greatly boosted their initiatives for grassland preservation.


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