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08:43 Jan 26 2011

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Tibet enhances grassland protection
08:43, January 26, 2011  

Tibet Autonomous Region strengthened grassland protection by establishing an effective mechanism and implementing two projects, Tibet Daily reported.

The mechanism refers to the reward mechanism for grassland eco-protection. For a long time, the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to grassland eco-protection and gradually increased investment in Tibet's grassland eco-protection.

Since 2004, Tibet has carried out the "returning grazing land to grassland" project. The project has played a key role in curtailing grassland deterioration, restoring grassland vegetation and improving grassland ecological environment.

Since 2001, Tibet has conducted the settlement project for nomads, focusing on the high-altitude pastural areas with harsh natural conditions. By the end of 2009, altogether 340,000 nomads had settled down. In 2010, China invested 75 million yuan in the project for another 3,000 Tibetan households.

The implementation of the mechanism and two projects has helped accelerate the grassland protection programs, improve the living conditions of farmers and herdsmen, and curb the grassland deterioration, which have all contributed to achieving the key strategic goal of building up ecological shelter zones and realizing scientific development.


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