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08:39 Jan 27 2011

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46 Tibetan patients receive free cataract operations
08:38, January 27, 2011  

Doctors from the Lhasa Bright Ophthalmology Rehabilitation Clinic of the Aid-Tibet Foundation performed free cataract operations on 46 cataract patients from Medrogungkar County.

As Tibet is located on the "roof of the world" with a very high altitude, the air is thinner and ultraviolet radiation is stronger, said by doctors of the clinic. Therefore, quite a few farmers and herdsmen are suffering from various kinds of eye diseases.

In order to help cataract patients regain their eyesight, the Medrogungkar County health care department participated in the "Bright project-regain the eyesight campaign" and selected 46 among 140 cataract patients to have the operation.


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