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09:41 Feb 11 2011

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Tibet receives 80,000 tourists during 'Golden Week'
09:40, February 11, 2011  

During the seven-day Spring Festival "Golden Week" (Feb. 2-8, 2011), Tibet has received tourists of up to 83,899, 3.5% higher than that of last year, Xinhua reported.

During the week, more than 41,000 tourists stayed in Tibet for at least two days, 7.3% lower than that of the year 2010. Tibet has achieved tourist revenue of up to 59.14 million yuan, 6% higher than that of last year.

Tourists in Tibet Autonomous Region during the Spring Festival consist of self-driving tourists and pilgrims from the Tibetan-inhabited areas of neighboring provinces, according to the data released by the Tourist Administration of the region.

Due to the abnormal global climate, frigidity hit most part of China in winter with the northern part drought and the southern part affected by continuing snow and freezing weather. Therefore Tibet, which boasts strong sunshine, clean air and cozy weather, has become tourists' favorite resort during the Spring Festival.


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