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08:48 Feb 15 2011

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Environment NGO to be founded in Tibet to protect Mt. Qomolangma
08:47, February 15, 2011  

Tibet Autonomous Region is actively planning to set up a non-governmental environmental protection organization to protect the environment surrounding Mount Qomolangma.

An annual budget of 18 million yuan will be funded to this environmental protection plan.

"The proposal for this plan has been submitted to the Tibet Autonomous Regional Civil Affairs Department for approval. The financial support will mainly come from the sales of Qomolangma Glacier Mineral Water, our high-end mineral water product," said Dawa Dondrup, board chairman of Tibet Dashi Group Co., Ltd.

"From each bottle of water sold, 0.05 yuan will be taken out: half the retention will be used for environmental protection and the other half for poverty alleviation," Dawa Dondrup explained.

Considering the company's full production capacity, it is estimated that 350,000 tons of mineral water will be sold every year, and then 18 million yuan will be retained for this Qomolangma eco-protection endeavor.


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