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08:29 Feb 21 2011

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Rural children in Tibet will benefit from educational subsidy policy
08:28, February 21, 2011  

Tibet Autonomous Region will include preschool children from farmers and herdsmen families into the policy of education allowance, and will offer each of them 2,000 yuan per year.

Besides, subsidy for preschool children from border counties will increase 100 yuan annually.

Furthermore, the standard of the Three Guarantees policy covering all the food costs, living and tuition fees for students who qualify for compulsory education has been raised from 1,800 to the 2,000 yuan each semester.

This is the also the eighth time for the Tibet local government to lift expenditure criteria in terms of the Three Guarantees policy which has now covered all schooling children from peasants and herdsmen families, whose high schooling fee is also included in the Three Guarantees policy.

It's calculated that policy funds has amounted to more 1.02 billion yuan in 2011 with a net growth of 508.17 million yuan, which mainly covered expenses for students' board, uniform, equipment and study supplies, etc. New added funds will be fully allocated and arranged by finance department of Tibet.


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