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10:45 Feb 21 2011

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Tibetans assured of ample supplies after snowstorm
10:44, February 21, 2011  

A wild snowstorm continues to hit the Ali prefecture in China's Tibet Autonomous Region. Local government and residents have taken precautions to prevent the blizzard affecting people's daily life as much as possible.

With more than half-a-meter of snow dumped in the area, the Nielamu county is one of the hardest hit areas.

For two days, snow removal workers and soldiers have been working to clear the snow and ice. In some places, piles of ice are measuring in at ten centimeters.

Team of workers have also been dispatched along the State Highway 318 that goes through the county. As the road gradually re-opens to traffic, batches of food and daily necessities have arrived in the storm struck area.

Niu Zhenzhuang, Deputy County Party Secretary said "Food supplies are stable. We have reserved a large amount of food in case of shortages. The road leading to the county has now re-opened, which will allow more food to come in."

In addition to food, the local government has reserved 36 hundred tons of fodder that will support more than 180-thousand livestock.

All of the 68 local families have received 25 bunches each, or 150 kilograms of yak food.

"I have more than thirty yaks. This fodder can support them for more than ten days. And I have more in the barn."

About eight bunches lie in her barn that have been kept there since October last year.

Daily necessities including food, tea and blankets have also been sent to surrounding villages and counties to help locals get through the storm.

The local weather bureau says the snow will help moisten grassland and ease the winter drought.

Source: CNTV

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