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08:24 Feb 22 2011

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Life goes on in snow-hit Tibet
08:23, February 22, 2011  

Traffic on the highway linking China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the Tibet Autonomous Region has largely resumed, after sections of the roadway were closed for several days by heavy snow. Tom Fearon takes a look at how people have been coping, in the snow hit Pagri area of Yadong County in Tibet.

Daily life in Pagri township has generally been carrying on as normal despite some roads having been covered with nearly a meter of snow.

Traffic has gradually resumed. And local people, used to this kind of freezing weather, had stored enough food and daily necessities to survive the cutoff.

Fruits, vegetables and other daily necessities can all be found in local shops. But prices have increased 10 percent due to the current conditions.

A grocery store owner said, "Our produce is all delivered from Tibet. It's not very convenient with this heavy snow."

The main concern for local residents is the drinking water. Most of the taps remain frozen, which means a long walk is in order.

Yaks being farmed in Pargi county also need to drink.

A yar farmer said, "We cannot look after our herds properly at the moment, as we have to carry water from 2 kilometers away, 15 times a day."

Power supplies are not running at full strength, with only enough electricity generated for 12 hours each day.

No more snow is expected to fall in the region over the coming days. The local authorities are taking the opportunity to step up efforts to clear the roads and get things moving.

Source: Xinhua

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