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08:21 Feb 23 2011

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Changtang Nature Reserve is wildlife's paradise
08:21, February 23, 2011  

Through continuous efforts in the past ten years, the wildlife population has had a remarkable increase in the Changtang Nature Reserve, said Wu Haipeng, Party Secretary of the Forestry Bureau of Nagqu in the north of Tibet Autonomous Region.

"The number of Tibetan antelopes has risen to over 150,000 from about 60,000 before the protection, while the number of wild yaks and wild Tibetan donkeys has risen from 6,000 to over 9,000 and from 5,000 to over 8,000 respectively," said Wu.

Located in the northwest of Nagqu, the 298,000-square-kilometer Changtang Nature Reserve has become the largest land nature reserve in China so far with the largest number of Tibetan antelopes at the highest average altitude in the world.

Statistics show that it has more than 300 kinds of plants, 91 kinds of birds and 39 kinds of mammals, including 20 kinds of animals under the state's first or second grade protection, such as wild yaks and Tibetan antelopes.

In a bid to monitor and prevent the occurrence of plague among wildlife, the departments concerned have set up four national wildlife epidemic prevention stations and 67 monitoring spots, effectively safeguarding the wildlife inhabitants' migration and reproduction.


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