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08:41 Mar 01 2011

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Tibet promotes local brands
08:40, March 01, 2011  

Tibet spares no efforts in cultivating and promoting local brands of Tibetan characteristics, including 6 "national famous brands", such as 5100 Tibet Spring, Lhasa beer, Ganlu Tibetan medicine, etc. and 45 other "regional famous brands".

5100 Tibet Spring, the world's highest water manufacturer, is committed to its motto of "Tibet water, world water", aiming to bring Tibet's glacier water to the international market. Renewed as "flowing Hada", the brand is also a symbol of Tibet's economical progress.

Lhasa beer is another household name in Tibet and continues its legend in American market. The brand has seen growing sales in 8 American states since it entered the US in 2009.

"Lhasa beer brewed from highly qualified high-land barley malt and non-polluted water, so it's very popular", said Yue Zhiqiang, vice president of Lhasa beer Co., Ltd,.

By the end of 2010, Tibet has registered 2077 trade marks, including 6 "national famous brands" and 45 "regional famous brands". Brand building sees initial progress.


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