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08:25 Mar 02 2011

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Traditional cloth decoration for Tibetan Losar
08:21, March 02, 2011  

Stalls of colorful cloth are bustling with customers in the Barkhor Street, a famous shopping street in Lhasa. [Photo/China Tibet Online]

The stall owner is measuring cloth for a customer. [Photo/China Tibet Online]

The colorful cloth, "Xiangbu", meaning literally scented cloth, is a traditional Tibetan-style ornament hung above windows and doors. As a custom, it is changed every year for the Tibetan New Year celebrations. When the wind blows, the five-colored cloth will flutter, making buildings or houses look more lively.

When the Tibetan New Year comes, people buy new clothes for themselves and new cloth for their houses. The cloth is always on the top list of the Losar purchases.

The Barkhor Street has an easy access to colorful cloth in Tibet. "We have the best business a week before the New Year", says Dorje, a stall owner on the street.


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