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15:59 Jan 17 2012

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Tibet to invest 17 bln yuan to improve rural living conditions in 2012
15:53, January 17, 2012  

Tibet Autonomous Region will continue to invest over 17 billion yuan to improve the infrastructure in rural areas in 2012, including water supplies, power supplies, traffic and communications.

Tsewang, a member from Tibet's Rongnado Village, attended the 2012 Tibet People's Congress. He has acted as village head for over 20 years and had deep feelings for the changes in his village.

"Villagers used to live in tents, use oil lamps and travel on the horse," said Tsewang. "They had nothing expensive and their children couldn't receive good education, either."

With the construction of the new countryside, great changes have taken place in Rongnado Village. New houses with unique Tibetan flavor have sprung up, and modern transportation and household appliances have gone into their life.

"All can be attributed to the implementation of the housing project," said Tsewang. "The herder can receive a subsidy of at least 20,000 yuan from the government to build a house and one just needs to spend several thousand yuan."

"Now, we sell yoghourt in summer, beef in winter and cow leather at ordinary times," added he. "We are now living a well-off life."

In 2012, Tibet will allocate 17 billion yuan for 64 key projects to further improve the rural living conditions and benefit more Tibetans.

From: China Tibet Online


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