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15:59 Jan 17 2012

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Escalating internet, logistics network spur online business in Tibet
15:55, January 17, 2012  

Backgrounded with a worldwide growth of online business in recent years, online shopping, as a new way of consumption, has also swept southwest China's Tibet, thanks to the escalating internet infrastructure and logistics network.

To shop online has gradually become a fashion among the local residents in Lhasa, especially the young people.

Tsangyang Chodron is the owner of a grocery store at Xianzudao Development Zone in downtown Lhasa. Days ago, she ordered an electric heater from online.

"It's so warmer in the house now," Chodron laughed. "It's really convenient to shop online. I just need to click the mouse, and my purchases will be delivered to the door."

In fact, like Tsangyang Chodron, more and more people in Lhasa choose to purchase goods through Internet.

"I'd prefer buying books online to going to bookstores," said Lomu, a junior student from Tibet University. "Online sales are much cheaper than those in shops or markets, and we are free to choose from a variety of types."

Not only purchasing online herself, Lomu even taught this new thing to her family members living in southeast Tibet’s Nyingchi.

Just a couple of years ago, most online businesses refused to deliver goods to remote areas such as Tibet due to its lagged logistics system and transportation system.

However, witnessing the fast development of online trades, major express companies have set up detailed business plans for their operation in Tibet, endeavoring to expand their coverage of business.

Official data suggests that by the end of 2011, the population of Internet users in Tibet have reached 1,325,000, indicating an overall coverage rate of 45.7%, which is expected to keep growing and further push the upsurge of online business across the region.

From: China Tibet Online


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