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15:59 Jan 17 2012

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Fine traditional Tibetan tea sets
15:57, January 17, 2012  

The variety of Tibetan tea sets has becomes more and more diverse with the popularity of tea among Tibetans. The tea set is necessary daily supplies in their life, for they drink tea almost every day.

Tibetans usually drink boiled tea. Tea leaves and some cold water are boiled for a long time in a tea pot, and sometimes a little soda will be added to flavor the tea. The tea pots are usually made of copper or china.

The tea boiler is designed into a round-bellied one, for Tibetans used to use dairy manure as fuels to boil water in most Tibetan areas. In the traditional boiler, the tea hardly went bad, because the boiler mouth enabled the convection between the tea and outer air.

Traditionally, Tibetans use wooden bowls and china bowls to drink tea. Metal bowls are seldom used but the bowl stand and cover are usually made of metal.

From: China Tibet Online


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