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16:55 Jan 18 2012

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Medical service covers all rural areas in SW Tibet
16:55, January 18, 2012  

In 2011, Shigatse Prefecture intensified its efforts to build up the village-level medical service system and basically realized the whole coverage in its rural areas in the southwest of Tibet Autonomous Region.

By Jan. 10, 2012, altogether 1,668 villages, including 25 neighborhood committees, had set up 1,657 clinics except 11 neighborhood committees and been manned with 3,334 doctors, on average two doctors in one village, except 10 neighborhood committees in the prefecture.

Last year, Shigatse gave priority to the establishment of clinics, development of new doctors, equipment of medical appliances in villages. It invested over 3.22 million yuan to foster 1,605 new doctors.

This year, Shigatse will make greater efforts to carry out on-the-job training for rural doctors, enhance the medical public service capacity and ensure the convenient medical treatment for rural residents.

From: China Tibet Online


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