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10:07 Jan 21 2012

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Winter attracts visitors for more than one reason
10:06, January 21, 2012  

In the past, people always prefer to visit Tibet in the summer and autumn as it is cold in winter. However, nowadays more and more young people prefer to go to Tibet in winter to experience more. And the Tibet Autonomous Region is a favorable place for them to enjoy their leisure.

In addition to sightseeing tourists, some visitors to Tibet are Buddhist believers who come here for ritual walks. In Lhasa, a bus station is dubbed as "Praying Station" as most buses here carry visitors who arrive for praying.

Inside and outside famous monasteries such as the Jokhang Temple are worshipers either prostrating in prayer, turning their prayer wheels or bowing to Buddhist statues.

"Now the winter tourism in Tibet has become hot," said Nyima, a local bus driver.

By Lily Dong From: China Tibet Online


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