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10:44 Apr 17 2012

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Tibetan youth cares for orphans
10:29, April 17, 2012  

Chogyel Dorje, a Tibetan youth, donates 10,000 yuan to an orphanage in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. [Photo/China Tibet Online]

A Tibetan youth donated money and goods to an orphanage in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region on April 12, 2012, China Tibet Online reported.

Chogyel Dorje from north Tibet's Nagqu Prefecture donated 10,000 yuan (1,578 U.S. dollars) as well as 10 bags of rice, 20 boxes of milk and other goods worth nearly 4,000 yuan (635.2 U.S. dollars) to the kids at Chozin Orphanage in Lhasa, capital of Tibet.

"I felt sorry about the recent death of Chozin Dondrup, the president of the orphanage, but his love for these kids will never change," said Chogyel Dorje, "I brought the savings of my family to the kids, hoping to help them overcome the present hardship."

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