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10:35 Apr 19 2012

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Tibetan writers at London Book Fair (2)
10:35, April 19, 2012  

This prompted him to reflect on the culture.

Alai remembered going to the British Museum and seeing Tibetan culture represented by the religious stuff only. "As a Tibetan I felt uneasy," he said. "Our culture is far more than just temples and lamas."

Talking about the influence of Tibetan culture by modernization, Alai said "development is good, as a culture couldn't just live in museums."

His view was echoed by Cering Norbu. "This influence is not solely on Tibetan culture," he said. "It is why writers are important, as they should record the history of a nation."

Alai has a famous historical novel, the Dust Settles, which follows a family of Tibetan chieftains before the democratic reform in 1959. When asked if such topic was sensitive, he laughed and voiced his confidence.

"In fact, I am free to express my innermost thoughts in China and writing itself is a happy experience," he said.

While Cering Norbu is working on a new book, which tells the change of life among Tibetans after 1959.

"Nobody has written down completely the changes Tibet experienced during the past half a century," he said.

"We are enjoying religious freedom. Our lives have been greatly improved, particularly after the reform and opening-up. I want to tell the readers our true feelings," he said.

The three-day 2012 London Book Fair opened on Monday, with China being honored as the Market Focus country for the first time. Some 300 events were held during the book fair, and 57 leading Chinese writers participated in literary events with British writers and readers.

from Xinhua

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