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09:15 Jun 29 2012

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A devout climber
17:06, June 28, 2012  

Cao Xin, captain of the mountaineering team [Photo/ China Tibet Online]

People would express their surprise and a mild suspicion when they meet the captain of the mountaineering team who is going to conquer the Mount Kaluxiong, a 6,647 meters high mountain in Tibet, at the end of July.

The captain is Cao Xin, leader of "BUAA 2012 Kailas", a student mountaineering team from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA).

Cao said he was a zealous climber who was rekindled although he had set foot on the plateau in 2009, also as a team leader.

The slender young man wore a pair of glasses, shy and bookish. Was he an experienced climber?

A group of photos captured Cao's image on the mountian: though wrapped up in outdoor outfit, he still got burned by the rampant ultraviolet rays on the high plateau due to thin oxygen layer.

Somehow he looks more muscular in photos than in reality. May be it is the mountains that passed on him more strength and power.

The young man said he would get paled in front of the mountains, but it never stopped him, because he was deeply fascinated with its idyllic scenery.

For him, Tibet is a paradise for climbers.

Cao said that he would try holy Mt. Kangrinpoche next year, inspired by the noted movie Kora.

His target of this year is Mount Kaluxiong, which he would conquer with his team, said Cao, sparkling with confident smile.

He said in his team, there are 9 experienced climbers out of the 21 members.

A whole set of trainings beforehand is necessary and rewarding.

They would have various trainings for more than 4 months, such as skill training teaching them how to camp in snowy mountains in winter, physical stamina training, technical training, and rock climbing.

As a warm-up practice, they reached the Xue Bao peak in Southwest China's Sichuan Province.

Apart from technical trainings, the team attended lectures on Tibetan culture and customs as guidebooks in Tibet. "We expect to leave a friendly impression on the Tibetans", Cao said.

The team has a strict discipline in terms of relations. No love affair is allowed between team members, in case of small groups which goes against teamwork and may cause danger.

All the team members are versatile. Every one has a job, such as cooker, photographer or cleaner.

Saying about cleaner, Cao stressed that everyone is a cleaner in fact. They will pick up rubbish along the trip, such as plastic, papers, empty oxygen cylinders, cans, and bottles.

They would retain this habit forever, said Cao.

The mountaineering team would start its trip to Tibet on June 30.

"We will make it,"Cao said with confidence.



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