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13:27 Jul 05 2012

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Southern Tibet to protect endangered red deer
13:12, July 05, 2012  
Protection and management of red deer faces problems. [Photo/ Xinhua]

South Tibet's Lhoka Prefecture is making plan of a field patrol and rescue program to save Tibetan red deer from extinction recently, according to local authorities.

Tibetan red deer is one of the eight subspecies of red deer in China. As an endemic subspecies in Tibet, it has been included in the 15 kinds of wild animals and plants under special protection of National Wildlife Conservation and Nature Reserve Construction Project.

According to local Forestry Bureau,Lhoka will develop a comprehensive rescue and patrol program and build a patrol and rescue team through training to lay foundation for the conservation of biological diversity in Tibet and promote the development of Tibet's wildlife protection.

Nevertheless, protection and management of red deer faces problems. The main gathering place of Tibetan red deer is only 200 to 300 square kilometers, and from the perspective of population genetics, the genetic variation would loss randomly and the rate of inbreeding increases.

In the concentrated area of Tibetan red deer, there are 4500 to 5000 other species, like domestic yak, cattle, sheep and other herbivores fighting for food with the deer.

Among the herd of red deer, there is a large amount of deer suffering from parasites. The potential risk of death will still happen again.

In fact, the species was announced to be extinct by the World Wildlife Fund in 1992, while in 1995, it was rediscovered and the population was confirmed to be about 200.

Source: China Tibet Online


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