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13:13 Jul 06 2012

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Religious believer or inheritor only?
13:00, July 06, 2012  

A Tibetan mom is making pilgrimages in the Lamaling Monastery located in Nyingchi Prefecture of Tibet, carrying her baby. [Photo/Yanjie]

It is always said that all Tibetans are religious believers; however, what do you think is the real relationship between religion and Tibetan public when you see infant children making pilgrimages in their parents' arms or on their back?

When traveling in Tibet, I was always attracted by such a scene that many parents carry their infant children when participating in various kinds of religious activities.

The scene makes me wonder whether Tibetans, most of who are said to be Buddhist followers, exposed to religion since childhood really know what Buddhism is and why they believe in Buddhism.

Actually, when you ask ordinary Tibetans why they choose to believe in Buddhism, you will probably get the same answer: It is good; and everybody seems proud of his Buddhist identity even if he eats meat during the Sagya Dawa Festival (which is an annual festival for Tibetans to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and nirvana of Sakyamuni, founder of Buddhism. The festival features pilgrims abstaining from eating meat for 15 days starting from the first day of the forth month on Tibetan calendar).

When you ask a Tibetan collage student why he believes in Buddhism, he will tell you his family members all believe in it; and if you are lucky, he may also disclose his secret that his parents allow him to eat meat on a certain day during Sagya Dawa.

But he may also turns serious and tells you that you cannot take footbath in the Namtso Lake, or the sacred lake will bring disaster to you. His innocent and serious eyesight on one hand shows you he is convinced with his parents' story that a group of innocent visitors had a car accident on their way back after taking a footbath in the lake, and on another hand increases his persuasiveness.

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