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10:39 Sep 06 2012

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Postcards become hotcake among tourists in Tibet (2)
10:17, September 06, 2012  

With 50 postcards in his hand, Mofei still felt he may not have enough. "Hong Kong also sells such postcards, but without stamps only available in Tibet," Mofei added.

He Wei, a teacher from the Foreign Language College of the Tibet University, said that sending postcard, like taking photo, is considered as a way to remember the journey.

Dozens of postcards are now sold in the China Postal Tibet Branch, involving the portraits of Tibetan people, celebrated Tibetan monasteries, top ten tourist attractions and so on.

Each costs 2 to 3 yuan.

The red ink pads need renewing every hour to meet the tourists' great demand. "We handle more than around 7,000 postcards every day," said a staff.

The number of tourists traveling to Tibet has been growing by an average of 30 percent annually in the past five years. Last year, more than 8.69 million people visited Tibet, bringing in tourism revenue of 9.7 billion yuan.

Authorities aim to see 15 million tourists annually by 2015.

Source: China Tibet Online

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