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08:33 Sep 24 2012

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Self-drive travel popular in Tibet
08:25, September 24, 2012  

Photo shows a part of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway in southeastern Tibet's Nyingchi Prefecture. (Photo/China Tibet Online)

Self-drive seems to have become the order of the day with tourists driving hundreds of cars each day on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, a major part of the No. 318 Highway connecting China's mainland to the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Everyday there are at least 150 cars driven by tourists themselves to visit southeastern Tibet's Nyingchi Prefecture, said Long Jun, a leading official in the prefectural tourism bureau.

"In recent years, China has spent a large amount of money improving the regional transportation facilities and supporting services along the tourist routes. As a result, most of the self-drive visitors choose to enter Tibet via the No.318 National Highway with a relatively low altitude, " Long said, "What's more, they can enjoy numerous scenic spots on the way. "

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