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Tibetan medicine's birthplace - Dege County


08:55, October 23, 2012

Tibet’s world-renowned traditional medicines date back thousands of years. Today we visit their birthplace - Dege County in southwestern Sichuan Province. Lets find out more about this unique practice...

Hui Yu, CCTV reporter, said, "The first medical clinic in Dege County was born in a temple in 1450 . In 1959, this medical clinic was moved to Dege Parkhang just behind me. These well educated doctors of this clinic worked here for nearly 20 years and just because of their presence, this famous Dege Parkhang of 300 years of history, was well preserved and protected from the erosion of time."

On the street in front of the Dege Parkhang, we notice a small clinic. This inconspicuous place is the second clinic of Dege Tibetan Hospital . A lot of people come to this clinic everyday, and this is the place we meet the director of Dege Tibetan Hospital, Xiong Ga. He is patiently diagnosing and writing prescription for a Tibetan granny. This small clinic is filled with all kinds of Tibetan medicine.

On the street in front of the Dege Parkhang, we come across a small inconspicuous place…it’s one of Dege Tibetan Hospital’s clinics. Dozens of patients visit here every day in search of help…and this where we meet the hospital’s director, Xiong Ga. He is patiently examining a Tibetan grand-motherland writing a prescription for her. This small clinic is filled with all kinds of unusual and unique Tibetan medicines.

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