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Chinese Tibetologist delegation promotes Tibetan culture in Slovenia


15:23, December 05, 2012

Tibet has realized leapfrog development since the peaceful liberation of Tibet in 1959, Phurbu Tsering, head of a visiting Tibetan cultural exchange delegation said here on Tuesday.

Phurbu Tsering made the remarks during a meeting with Jozef Horvat, head of a Slovenian parliamentary committee.

He said Tibetans now enjoy full freedom of religious beliefs and that the Chinese government respects and protects the religious freedom of Tibetans in accordance with the law.

He stressed that the Dalai Lama is "in no position to discuss the future of Tibet."

During their stay here, the delegation led by Phurbu Tsering also had talks with representatives of Maribor, the second largest city of Slovenia, and held forums and presentations about the development of Tibet.


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