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Highland barley wine attracts Beijing tourists

(China Tibet Online)

16:12, December 07, 2012

Recently, the ongoing Tibet (Lhasa) Grand Commodity Fair in Beijing attracts many tourists.

Tibet Hengyuan Wine Co.,Ltd is a famous enterprise directly under the control of the Confederation of Trade Unions of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

According to Jin Yuanchang, the regional manager, the corporation was built in 1998 as the first and biggest local highland barley wine production enterprise in Tibet. Its annual output is 5000 tons of highland barley wine, worth over 100 million yuan (about $16.06 million).

The corporation creates opportunities for local farmers and herdsmen, stimulating the local employment and people's rising income.

In order to meet the quality criterion perfectly, the raw materials are picked carefully and tested many times. First, the company makes sampling inspection time to time; and then, they send the samplings to Lhasa Quality Supervision Bureau for a second inspection.

Without a certification, the product could never appear on the market, said Jin, adding that the food industry was quite different from other industries, problems must be avoided!

The corporation has many agencies in inland provinces including Sichuan, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hunan, and Hubei etc. Now it is preparing an agency in Beijing with the benefits from this commodity fair. Due to high advertisement cost, it hasn't entered the international market.

Such commodity fairs can bring rightly a large number of consumers and more market, said Jin, hoping that they could have chance to attend international commodity fairs so as to promote their corporation.

At the end, based on his own life experience in Tibet, Mr Jin says that the local people and enterprises all want a stable and safe circumstance to live and work. Recalling the March 14 unrest in Lhasa which brought a disastrous effect to ordinary people, Jin says: "The old saying goes that good prevails over evil. With the lead of government, we shall not yield to the evil force, because a stable and secure society is a basic guarantee to us common civilians."


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