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Religious freedom behind self-immolations

By Aku Tenpa (China Tibet Online)

08:32, December 18, 2012

Since March 2009, a series of self-immolating incidents plotted by the Dalai clique occurred, with precious lives disappeared in the flame, which has added new bargaining chips in the splitting activities of Dalai Clique.

After the tragedy, the Dalai Lama fasted, prayed and chanted to mourn the self-immolating behavior by claiming that self-immolation as a "desperate method" and "desperate action" due to the Chinese government's "desperate and cruel policy"。

One of most frequently mentioned by the Dalai Lama about the true reasons behind self-immolations was "religious oppression" in China.

However, the truth is religion freedom is protected according to the Chinese Constitution. China has strived to improve the development of Tibetan Buddhism. The efforts are so obvious that they could not be hidden by the Dalai Lama's simple assumption.

What's more ironic is that Dalai Lama himself was once accused by India for "religious oppression" because he prohibited the communication between the believers of Gelug sects and other religious sects in Tibetan Buddhism.

If things are exactly as what the Dalai Lama says that Tibetans live in misery. Why the Dharamsala could immediately published the news, photos and videos as soon as the self-immolations happened?

"Tibet government in-exile" has never stopped making an issue from self-immolations.

It is obvious these inhumane deeds were manipulated by the Dalai Clique in the cloak of slandering Chinese Tibet policies.

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