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Lhasa's new district to build 15 major projects

(China Tibet Online)

08:42, December 20, 2012

Rendering of Lhasa's Liu Wu District, Tibet Autonomous Region. (Photo/TIBET.CN)

Lhasa's Liu Wu District will commence 15 construction projects in 2013, according to the district's adminiatrative committee.

The 15 major projects cover business and people's livelihood, such as Liu Wu HOPSCA (hotel, office, park, shopping mall, convention, and apartment), Kangrin International, the Liu Wu District Hospital and the local markets.

Fifteen projects with 3.7- billion-yuan investment

As a typical modern city demonstrative area,the Liu Wu District gathered popularity during the past two years through a chain of launched projects, including the Lhasa Cultural and Sports Center, the landscape water system and international headquarters city mall. According to the staff of the Economic and Development Bureau of the Liu Wu District, 15 major projects will be built next year with a total of investment of 3.7 billion yuan (about US$592.74 million).

As soon as these projects, which are related to people's livelihood and business areas, are put into use, the infrastructure of the Liu Wu District will be further improved and the business circle in this district will also be formed.

In order to ensure that all the projects have a good beginning and can run smoothly, the district's administrative committee held a special session and assigned 15 people to be in charge of the respective project.

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