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Lost in the beauty of Tibet(II) - The glamorous Lhasa

(China Tibet Online)

08:56, December 20, 2012

Being in Lhasa is like standing atop the clouds above Japan’s Mount Fuji.

To adjust to the high altitude, experienced travelers always choose to spend their first day or two in their hotel lobby or room, watching the ancient and modern world outside.

However, the temperature rises with the sun coming out. The morning sky here is unbelievably clear and blue. While in the afternoon, floccus will appear mysteriously in the sky.

Close to the sky due to its high altitude, the sunshine here in the afternoon is burning. You can wear a T-shirt or coat cycling in the town and take clear and high-quality photos. Without the crowds of visitors in summer, the chilly corridors and sun-washed paths in the Potala Palace seems all belonging to you, and you don’t have to line up at suburban monasteries such as the Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery.

With a few pedestrians, you can watch the Tibetan Buddhist believers circling the Barkhor Street undisturbedly.

The night falls.

Though Lhasa’s night often requires people to wear heavy winter coats to keep warm, it’s still easy to stay warm in a variety of clubs, restaurants and cafés with fire pans.

In one cozy café, I met some young locals who took me to their home. There I saw lines of prayer flags between buildings blowing in the wind, making peace for everyone.

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