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Quality education promoted in Yunnan Tibetan-inhabited area

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09:09, December 21, 2012

Children of farmers and herdsmen in the Dechen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, in southwest China's Yunnan Province enjoy their school life and grow up in happiness.(Photo/

In recent years, education has been put on top priority in Dechen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China’s Yunnan Province, where quality education is promoted in full swing.

Several preferential policies have been made there; including living subsides to the rural Tibetan students, the nutrition improvement plan for primary and middle school students from rural areas as well as the safety insurance project for primary and middle school students.

What'more, vocational school students majoring in agriculture could enjoy free education and living subsides.

All schools have opened Tibetan language courses and morning exercises in the form of folk dance from Grade one.

Therefore, the children of farmers and herdsmen in the Dechen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture could enjoy their school life and grow up in happiness.

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