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Tibetan carpet: contemporary traditional art

China Tibet Online)  09:07, December 25, 2012

Traditional Tibetan carpet [Photo by Melinda Jin/China TIbet Online]

The Tibetan carpet with a history of more than 2000 years is the treasure gold of Tibetan traditional handicrafts. It shares a reputation as the world's three most renowned blankets together with the Persia rug and the Oriental tapestry. From a life necessity to a universally acknowledged handicraft, the Tibetan carpet has realized its thriving development with its unique weaving techniques and cultural symbols, a total representation of tradition and modernity.

In a Tibetan carpet shop on Pargor Street display a large number of exquisite traditional Tibetan carpets. All of them, according to the shop owner Tenzin, are favorite patterns and styles of Tibetan ethnics. Therefore the customers are mainly local residents. However, in a Tibetan carpet manufacturer nearby, most of the carpets displayed are added with multi-dimensional colors and fashionable motifs, thus welcomed by a wide range of customers.

Local mafufacturers have integrated modernity into the production process while insisting on respecting traditional weaving and production techniques in order to make the Tibetan carpet more appealing. It is aimed at meeting the mainland market needs and keeping vitality during development. High as the price is, these new forms of carpets have gained the affections from visitors both domestic and abroad.

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