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Self-immolator(Ⅵ): Being marginalized suspect

(China Tibet Online)

08:49, January 06, 2013

Editor's note: an ordinary Tibetan young man, a young lama practicing Buddhism, who nearly set himself on fire and was about to be abandoned by the instigators. What role does the "Tibet government-in-exile" play in this case? What are the lies and the truth behind the flames? From today on, the China Tibet Online will release the story of a young Buddhist, a potential self-immolator enticed by the book titled "Repentance-from Dharamsala" written by Xiaolin.

Not long after Gyatso arrived in Dharamsala,he had a strange feeling that he was always being watched.

Once,Gyatso wanted to take a photo with his friends near the garden of the "Reception Office of the Tibetan government- in- exile in India". As soon as they posed,they were immediately stopped by a man, who came out of the "Reception Office” with a suspicious eye.

People in Dharamsala were different from his hometown fellows in Tibet. Some Tibetan young people always wandered around in fashionable clothes in the Tibetan residential quarters, neither working nor studying Buddhism. The only thing they did every day was mooching around the teahouses.

They did not like speaking Tibetan, and probably they couldn’t speak English well. Therefore, they always spoke Tibetan with some English words, which made Gyatso uncomfortable. Some people also became addicted to drugs.

In Gyatso’s mind, life there was far away from the quiet and simple life back home that learning Buddhism in Tsangar Monastery without any worries.

These “newcomers” like Gyatso felt like just moving to a complete dissimilatory place, where they thoroughly became the helpless “marginalized men”.

Like Gyatso, many of the “marginalized men” were religious dream pursuers , who came to the Indian border town carrying on a Buddhism reverence and longing for obtaining higher attainments.

However, these “Gyatsos” embarked on different paths after their illusory religious dream fell apart in front of the reality.

According to the investigation in India disclosed by the American Congress, since 1986, a lot of overseas Tibetans have returned to China. On the one hand, they were very antipathetic to the propaganda launched by the Dalai clique; on the other hand, they were unable to maintain a basic life in the foreign countries.

But some others like Gyatso were too young to make a clear distinction between right and wrong, and their wisdom given by the Buddha was insufficient to distinguish black and white. Therefore, they had embarked on a path devoid of humanity.

Unfortunately, Dharamshala, a small town in Himachal Pradesh, India, which was also the headquarters of the “Tibet government-in-exile”, was not the dreamed “heaven” for Gyatso, but a “tumor”, which may turn malignant at any time.

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