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I become a “professional hunger-striker”

(China Tibet Online)

09:15, January 08, 2013

Editor's note: an ordinary Tibetan young man, a young lama practicing Buddhism, who nearly set himself on fire,was about to be abandoned by the instigators. What role does the "Tibet government-in-exile" play in this case? What are the lies and the truth behind the flames? From today on, the China Tibet Online will release the story of a young Buddhist, a potential self-immolator enticed by the book titled "Repentance-from Dharamsala" written by Xiaolin.

Not long after Gyatso arrived in India had he become a monk in a local monastery.

One day, Gyatso saw someone handing out leaflets, on which read a “Tibetan independence” hunger-strike would be launched in January, 2000 in Delhi, and anyone interested could attend it after writing a “pledge”. Then, a lot of monks in the monastery wanted to go to Delhi and saw the “big world” for free. So they all followed suit and wrote the “pledge”, and Gyatso was no exception.

At that time, “hunger-strike” was a new word to Gyatso, who learned it from a master of the sutra later that a hunger-strike meant to protest without eating anything so as to express their determined attitudes. One master of the sutra lived longer in India disagreed that Gyatso joined the strike, but he was reluctant to tell Gyatso the reason. The young Gyatso, who was then in the rebellious period of his adolescence, finally set out to Delhi after quarrelling with the master.

After arriving in Delhi, Gyatso was received by a man named Lhamo Ja, who escaped to India for some illegal behaviors.

According to the relevant materials ascertained later, Lhamo Ja, born in Tongren County, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of northwest China’s Qinghai Province, used to be a teacher in a judicial school in northwest China’s Qinghai Province.

In 1993, he was involved into a criminal case and escaped to India. Later Lhamo Ja became a member of the Dalai clique, and engaged in ethnic separatist activities.

The “hunger-strike” office was in a two-story building with six rooms in a local school. Gyatso had never thought that he was the only participant as he had thought there would be many people enrolled.

After completing a form and receiving a tent and carpet provided by the “hunger-strike” organizer,Gyatso was arranged to participate in the seventy-two-hour hunger strike.

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