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Changes and originals of Lhasa

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09:11, January 09, 2013

According to the statistics of 2012, Tibet had received more than 8.6 million tourists, nearly seven times as much as that before the opening of Qinghai-Tibet Railway (QTR) in 2005. As a powerful economic engine, QTR brings the ancient city, Lhasa, massive changes; however, something existing a thousand years still keep the city's original flavor.

Compared with the old Lhasa, the modern city gives its citizens much finer, smoother and more complicate feelings on the way and pace of life.

On the one hand, there we see some disadvantages, such as the rocketing rent and commodity price.

In 2005, I met Tseji Baima, an owner of a small Tibetan jewelry shop then. The fast-developing transportation gave her much pressure on operation costs, and everything was getting faster and faster. She had to live and work just as people in the inland big cities. So she left, along with the loss of a "slow life" there.

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