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Esteemed monks: Tibetan religious policy better than ever

By Karen (China Tibet Online)

09:55, January 31, 2013

The first session of the Tibet People's Political Consultative Conference was held in Lhasa on Jan. 22, 2013. [Photo/China Tibet Online]

Key Words: Tibet; religious matter; religious policy

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Religious matter in Tibet has long been focused. One big reason is the fast development of temples and monasteries over the past five years, especially the past 2012.

Last year more than 1000 monasteries had been maintained with access to water, electricity, road, radio broadcasting and TV services. Along with the temple restoration and maintenance, cultural relics are also protected and restored in an all-round way including the e-library in the Sakya Monastery.

Besides, monks and nuns have been covered with health care allowances and monthly old-age pensions. Moreover, Doctors would go to the monasteries to give the monks health examination free of charge.

The religious deputies said, the monks and nuns haven't met such great things for years.

Some made several statements in the discussion, suggesting that when considering the registration of new Buddhist monks and nuns, those who had made greater contribution to the monasteries and those informed with Buddhist knowledge should be given priority so that their longtime expectations and hopes should not be disappointed.

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