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Heart-warming work in Lhasa's cold night

By Melinda (China Tibet Online)

10:29, January 31, 2013

At a corner of the famous Bakhor Street, Phurbu was working with his workmates laying the underground heating pipes on the cold night of Lhasa on Jan. 26, 2013.

Enduring freezing cold, the group of workers still stuck to their posts at night, showing the warmest scene of the chilly winter.

The workers, consisting of Tibetan and other ethnic groups, have been working hard for the heating project of the Lhasa Municipal Government and laying the heating pipes underneath the Barkhor Street in the old town of Lhasa since last December.

As the most bustling street of pilgrimage and business around the Jokhang Temple, the Barkhor Street is always crowded with pilgrims and tourists in the daytime.

While at midnight, the Jokhang Temple square is turned into a sleeping Buddha without sutra chanting and devout kowtows of pilgrims.

The workers decided to do some construction work at night so as not to affect the pilgrimage of local Buddhist followers.

Though bringing inconvenience for a short period, the heating project launched in last April is in a move to provide central heating for the local residents in Lhasa, which will end their use of electric heater or blanket for warmth in winter.

Renowned as the City of Sunlight, Lhasa has a sharp temperature drop at night by 20 or more degrees Celsius, while the temperature in the daytime reaches spring-like 10 or more degrees Celsius in winter.

"Pilgrims will walk on the flat road tomorrow morning", said 30-year-old Phurbu, who was paving slabstones during the midnight wearing a thick cotton coat to ward off the coldness.

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