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Nyingchi, "throne of the sun" in Tibet

China Tibet Online)  10:09, February 04, 2013  

Colorful stura streamers flutter in a wooden bridge in Nyingchi, southeastern Tibet. [Photo/China Tibet Online]

Nyingchi, "throne of the sun" in Tibetan language, is located in the southeastern part of Tibet, where the Himalaya Mountains and Nyainqentanglha Mountains extend from west to east, like parallel huge dragons, to join the Hengduan Mountains in the east.

Nyingchi, with a total area of 117,000 square km and a population of more than 140,000, has 7 counties under its jurisdiction: Nyingchi, Mainling, Gongbo'gyamda, Medog, Bome, Zaya and Nang.

With green mountain slopes, snow-capped peaks and crystal-clear rivers, Nyingchi looks just like heaven on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.

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