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Tibetans enjoy frugal, warm and joyful Losar

By Lucy Qin (China Tibet Online)

21:11, February 27, 2013

The Potala Palace was decorated with red lanterns during the Water Snake Losar. [Photo/China Tibet Online]

When the Water Snake Losar draws to the end, several new changes have happened in Tibet.

Frugal, warm and joyful are three words to describe the Tibetan celebration of Spring Festival and Water Snake Losar.

Eating up all the food become Losar style

During the past decades, it was a tradition for Chinese to spend a lot on food to enjoy the New Year holiday, compensating their hard work in the past year. Thus, the unnecessary consumption increased.

However, in 2013 people in Tibet began to consider an economical way to celebrate the Water Snake Losar and Spring Festival.

In Lhasa, the restaurants are still popular during the Water Snake Losar and Spring Festival, mainly for the festival family feast. Many families now initiatively ask for packing up for the left food.

Therefore, the restaurants respond positively to the "clear your plate", mass customizing the safe and convenient disposable tableware. Therefore, it can ensure people's rational consumption and reduce waste.

Lozang, a Local citizen in Lhasa celebrate the Water Snake Losar in a thrifty way by avoiding acquiring new tableware, which would cost him 600 yuan. The supermarket made a new policy that if the consumer didn't use up all the wines and drinks, then they can return the things with the original price. According to the policy, Lozang saves a large sum of money.

In addition, anther new way for passing on new year wishes has been prevailed among the Tibetans. As Dekyi, a student in Tibet University, said, many young Tibetans use the most popular ways, such as micro letter, micro blog and Tencent QQ to pay a new year call. Communicating via Internet is interactive, economical and environment-friendly.

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