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Dream of Tibet: new leader

By Ellen Liu (China Tibet Online)

10:27, March 12, 2013

Losang Jamcan, the newly elected Chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region was born in Chagyab County of Tibet in July 1957. He used to be Mayor of Lhasa, vice chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region as well as on some other important positions in Tibet.

"When I was young, I only dreamed of getting out of the deep valley by the Lancang River, the Chinese part of the Mekong and went to school in inland China. After mid 1980s, I was sent back to work in Tibet. Thus my dream of going back to Tibet came true," said he.

Before long, Losang Jamcan went to visit some local people who told him that they all had dreams.

Migmarcang, 30, is a civil servant whose dream is to do his work well every day to contribute to his hometown. Losang Drolma, is the doctor of her village holds the dream of being a good doctor. Wang Pencheng, an individual businessman said that the dream of his family this year is to enlarge their home business and open the second store. Tsering Tobgye is a driver whose dream is to do a better job and pray for world peace. Norbu Wangta, a student dreams that he will find a good job after graduating from college. Grandpa Aqung, a villager hopes to yield a good harvest.Wenxin Lhamo, a 3-year-old girl wants to go to the kindergarten. And Losang Jamcan's dream is to let all of their dreams come true through his own efforts.

Losang Jamcan also indicated that since 1950s the Democratic Reform was carried out in Tibet and the feudal serfdom was abolished, and former serfs were liberated, which exerted an epoch-making significance on the Tibetan society.

"And changes in Tibet and in Tibetan people's mindset would never have taken place without the reform and the opening-up policy adopted," he said.

As the newly elected Chairman of Tibetan regional governemnt, Jamcan said what he wanted to do most was to run hospitals in county which can meet the state standard and conduct systematic trainings for the local doctors. To him, this is an down-to-earth and solid working style—serving the people on the monthly-basis.

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