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Lhasa TV launches Tibetan-language channel


08:55, March 28, 2013

Lhasa TV in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region launched a Tibetan-language channel on Tuesday.

"Lhasa TV finally has its own Tibetan-language channel," said Tenzin Jigme, editor-in-chief at the station.

Many rural Tibetans can't understand standard mandarin Chinese, he said. In Tibet, over 80 percent, or roughly 2 million Tibetan farmers and herders, choose to watch Tibetan-language TV channels.

"Now there are more TV channels for them to watch. They'll enjoy it," Tenzin Jigme said. The channel broadcasts news, entertainment shows and soap operas.

The new Tibetan-language channel, on air 14 hours a day, will feature three major Tibetan tongues -- the Lhasa, Amdo and Kamba dialects.

In 2012, Lhasa TV broadcast just 200 hours of Tibetan-language programming, with news accounting for 90 percent of that. However, its broadcasting in Tibetan will now reach 5,000 hours annually, according to Tenzin Jigme.

Also on Tuesday, Lhasa TV launched a third channel on culture and travel to introduce the city's culture and scenic spots.

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