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Official speaks on Tibet environment protection in Boao

By Can Cai (China Tibet Online)

08:22, April 08, 2013

It is obvious that during the past few years, apart from the main topic of economy, social development issues have gradually become one of the major issues discussed at Boao Forum.

Reporter for China Tibet Online interviewed Mr. Yu Fenghai, Deputy General of the China Environmental Governance International Forum, who made some commentary on Tibet’s environment.

Yu said that the environment of a place could be told by certain index or figures. For example, the air quality could be presented or displayed by the particulate content, the atmospherical aerosol optical density (AOD) or the air quality index(AQI). According to official statistics, the annual average AOD in Tibet is 0.029, which indicates that it is a place with the cleanest atmosphere and can even be compared to that of the South Pole.

Although Yu has neither been to Tibet, and Tibet is nor his research target, he expressed his desire to go to Tibet for study or research in Tibet’s environment. In his opinion, Tibet is a mysterious place with unique Tibetan culture. But most importantly, Tibet is an imaginative place that is able to give a physical and spiritual cleansing to him.

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