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Tibetan culture not sacrificed for equal access to education

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08:34, April 08, 2013

The "Young Leaders Roundtable"is the highlight of today’s Boao Forum. The name lists of the commentators have attracted a full house of audiences. Education is the main topic for this roundtable joined by entrepreneurs, politicians, businessmen, and even singers.

One question was raised that whether the educational divide between the poor kids and the rich kids is narrowed or widened by uneven economic development.

Speakers all contributed to the discussion with varied opinions, which is closely related to the situation of Tibet.

It is a fact that the education development of Tibet falls behind most of China's inland provinces or regions. But the Chinese government has been attaching great importance to the educational cause of Tibet and providing aid in form of government fund and preferential policies.

These measures would inevitably lead to integration of development in this area into the overall China. However, some foreign media use expression as harsh as "cultural genocide" to describe this trend.

Tibetans are also Chinese. As Elaine Lan Chao, former Secretary of Labour in United States pointed out during the discussion that accessibility to education should be equal to all children. The US has done a good job to promote equality in education. However, it has never been heard that the diversity of United States, a melting pot, a country of migrants from varied backgrounds, has been jeopardized by the same educational standard and equal educational opportunity.

Thus, there is no reason to doubt China’s education policy in Tibet. In the past few years, Tibetan children have been provided with more opportunities to share the same educational resource as inland provinces in China. However, at the same time, the Chinese government has adopted a series of measures to protect Tibetan culture, Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan language. The removal of educational divide does not necessarily mean the eradication of unique Tibetan culture.

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