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Buddhist master talks about 'integrity and dreams' at Boao

China Tibet Online)  08:32, April 09, 2013  

On April 6, Master Hsing Yun showed up at the Boao Dialogue Series and made a speech on the topic "The Strength of Honesty and Integrity".[Photo/China Tibet Online]

On April 6, Master Hsing Yun, a Chinese Buddhist monk and the founder of Fo Guang Shan monastery showed up at Boao Dialogue Series and made a speech on the topic “The Strength of Honesty and Integrity”. He was joined by Liu Changle, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of Phoenix Satellite Television.

In regard to honesty and integrity, Master Hsing Yun said that “Honesty and Integrity are individual values. The existence of the latter depends on the establishment of the former ones. One is doomed to fail without the two traits. The character of Chinese People is based on kindness, morality as well as integrity. In Chinese, integrity is written as “信”. The prefix of the character means people and the other means words or saying. Altogether it indicates that for people to have integrity, one must have credibility in what he or she says. No killing, no stealing, no lying, no misconduct are basic doctrine of Buddhism.”

During the dialogue, Master Hsing Yun was asked by the host to share his explanation of the “China dream” proposed by the newly-elected Chairman of China Xi Jinping. He said that dreaming is an inborn nature of mankind who must strive to the realize dreams. No matter what the dream is, it should aim for people’s happiness, a comfortable living standard, social justice, equality. The ultimate purpose of the dream should be to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, to enable the poor and the disadvantaged to master their own fate. I hope that every Chinese will have his or her own prosperity, growth and social care.

Master Xingyun is a renowned master in Buddhism, the forbear of the Buddha's Light Mountain. Recently he was awarded Lifetime Achievement in the “2012-2013 ceremony of world famous Chinese Decedents” jointly sponsored by Phoenix Satellite Television and other ten influential media in Chinese-speaking areas.

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(Editor:LiangJun、Chen Lidan)


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