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Voices from Tibet during Boao Forum

(China Tibet Online)

08:21, April 10, 2013

Tibet’s development is among the concerns of many figures at the Boao Forum in south China’s Hainan Province. Many expressed that Tibet’s environmental protection is indispensible for Asia’s development.

Enterprises from Tibet have shown a great expectation toward the Boao Forum on their further development. Reflections on Tibet’s tourist industry, the challenges facing the small and medium-sized enterprises, and a wider platform for cultural preservation and promotion are among the voices from all relevant industries in Tibet.

Head of the Dagze Industryial Park in Lhasa said that Boao County does not seem far away from them because many of the enterprises could get the updated news online on small and medium-sized enterprises in Boao County this January.

Many attendees shared their Tibet complex at the forum. A CEO of a listed company said that he always keeps an eye on Tibet’s development although he has not been there yet.

"Our hearts are tied closely although geographically we are far away from each other" he said.

Representatives are impressed by the good achievements made in environmental protection in Tibet.

Yu Fenghai, Deputy General of the China Environmental Governance International Forum, made some commentary on Tibet’s environment. He said, "According to official statistics, the annual average AOD (atmospherical aerosol optical density ) in Tibet is 0.029, which indicates that it is a place with the cleanest atmosphere and can even be compared to that of the South Pole."

Although Yu has neither been to Tibet, he expressed his desire to go there for study or research in Tibet’s environment. In his opinion, Tibet is a mysterious place with unique Tibetan culture. But most importantly, Tibet is an imaginative place that is able to give him a purification of mind and soul.

Pan Shiyi, chairman of SOHO China co., LTD, said that the best development is seen in environmental protection for Tibet.

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