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Film director's pain in and passion for Tibet

China Tibet Online)  08:23, April 10, 2013  

"The film Hoh Xil almost took our lives," said Lu Chuan, who spent seven days with his crew crossing Hoh Xil, the no-man’s land.[Photo/Xinhua]

Among the representatives of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2013, Lu Chuan, a famous Chinese director shared his experience and passion for Tibet-themed films with both domestic and international film makers.

When it comes to Lu Chuan, it is hard not to mention his bond with Tibet including an award-winning film Hoh Xil and the Tibet tourism promotion Beautiful Tibet,in which the magnificent and unique scenery and hard-working people were fully unfolded through his lens.

"The film Hoh Xil almost took our lives," said Lu Chuan, who spent seven days with his crew crossing Hoh Xil, the no-man’s land.

"We definitely saw everything, like crowds of Tibetan antelopes, wolvesf, bears and corsacs. We also experienced the most real emotions of hopelessness and the first-ever pain on the plateau at 6200 meters above the sea level. Thanks to those park rangers, I was saved when I felt like dying," he added.

This film was made into a documentary, which can best capture the most powerful moment and the most real performance of actors in brutal conditions.

The key for the film to gain recognition was just true to life. Rorty, a well-known American philosopher, regarded Hoh Xil as the best film he had ever seen for it was full of power.

This film received a number of awards, such as the Jury Prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival, the Best Picture and Cinematography at Golden Horse Award, the Best Picture in Asia at the Hong Kong Film Awards Festival, etc.

Hoh Xil not only brought the director great fame, but also great pain in his body. "The pain I got in shooting Hoh Xil was the worst in the last decade. In my lung I am still suffering from the sequelae, which constantly remind s me of the existence of the film," said Lu Chuan.

Besides the pain, Lu Chuan also felt the passion for Tibet. Six years later, he granted the request of Tourist Administration of Tibet Autonomous Region to make the film Beautiful Tibet without hesitation for "his passion for Tibet".

Different from Hoh Xil, Beautiful Tibet demonstrated the ancient Tibetan culture instead of the harsh condition.

"My impression of Tibet was magic and beautiful. The tourism promotion Beautiful Tibet just expressed my visual and tactile impression of Tibet!" he said.

The pain and struggle got in Tibet, in some way, have left an imprint on in his heart, which reminded him of keeping a watchful eye on such issues as life, death and humanity.

Those issues then will be presented and shown in his films, such as The Missing Gun, City of Life and Death, The Last Supper and so forth.

(Editor:LiangJun、Chen Lidan)


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