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Better communication about Tibet counts for China: Boao insight

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08:40, April 12, 2013

Mr Kuhn is sharing his opinions on China's public diplomacy at the Boao Forum [Photo/China Tibet Online]

Tibet has achieved leapfrog development over the past 60 some years thanks to the favorable policies of the Chinese government. However, little positive response has been received from the world than expected. The main reason behind was heatedly discussed at the Boao Forum,from which the improper means of communication was the major problem. Fortunately, China has been gradually adjusting its strategy of communications with the outside world, and has embanked on the right path.

At the the Dialogue entitled "Public diplomacy and cross-cultural communication", the first of its kind held at the Boao Forum 2013 on April 7, panelists expressed their own views regarding the difficulties facing China's public diplomacy.

Mr Robert Kuhn, chairman of the Kuhn Foundation said that the biggest problem today is "Nobody is listening." He pointed out that most of the media in the world pay attention to the problems instead of achievements. On the contrary, China has reported too many achievements.

Mr Kuhn's ideas make some sense. However, with respect to controversial and sensitive issue like Tibet, is this method still effective? The good stories about Tibet that we have told are based on its reality but it seems few media in the world has ever reported them.Mr Kuhn insisted on his conviction that China should report more of its problems in any sector.

Yet if we apply this method to our mission of telling the outside world about Tibet, we will have to face the fact that the western media is so powerful that any negativity about Tibet would be exaggerated and spread all over the world. Then how are we going to deal with the consequence? Mr. Khun did not give a specific answer to this question.

Generally speaking, highlighting the problem is one of the advisable methods to arouse the world's interest in understanding China. It may also help persuade them to believe in what we say.

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