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A Tibetan professor's view of happiness: Boao

China Tibet Online)  17:11, April 12, 2013  

Photo shows the physical examination for regular monks and nuns in monasteries of Tibet.

People's livelihood became a hot topic at the recently concluded Boao Forum held in south China's Hainan Province. Delegates from Tibet, which was graded with the highest happiness index among all the Chinese provinces also expressed their view of happiness.

"Happiness is not only a kind of the living condition, but also a kind of attitude," said Tsering Dorje, associate professor of the Party School of Tibet Autonomous Region, who devotes himself to studying development with Tibetan characteristic as well as Tibetan cultural development.

"Ensuring and improving people's livelihood is the most important way to create people' sense of happiness," said Professor Tsering Dorje. "It involves every aspect of people's life including better food, housing, clothing, transportation and communication."

In order to improve Tibetans' living standard and build a happy Tibet, the snow-capped holy land has implemented a series of policies and conducted related projects in recent years, such as promoting the housing condition, improving conditions of agricultural and pastoral areas, increasing employment, regulating prices, providing better medical treatment and relieving poverty and giving priority to develop education and so on.

Furthermore, the Tibet Autonomous Region also keeps seeking a long-term mechanism to benefit its people such as free physical examination and the record files for all the urban and rural residents as well as regular monks and nuns in monasteries of Tibet.

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(Editor:LiangJun、Gao Yinan)


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