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66-year-old senior to ride motorcycle to Tibet

(China Tibet Online)

13:38, April 17, 2013

A 66-year-old outdoor enthusiast from eastern China decides to "conquer" Tibet again by motorcycle after his first trip failed halfway last year.

Wen Xiaogen, a local citizen in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, has been always dreaming of visiting Tibet.

In 2012, he finally packed up and headed for Tibet with his wife via the Sichuan-Tibet Highway by motorcycle. Unfortunately, the old man had to end his trip and returned home due to highland sickness.

"My wife was in a coma with deep purple lips because of highland sickness, so I had to fasten her to my body with the rope and took her home by motorcycle," said Wen.

Moreover, Wen Xiaogen also felt bad for the lack of oxygen when the altitude rose to more than 3,800 meters.

After returning home, Wen Xiaogen took more exercise to get stronger in the hope of visiting Tibet again.

Now, with full preparation, Wen decides to depart on April 20 alone to continue his "unfinished trip", with a dog to help kill the time.

He plans to reach his dream land in 50 days.

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