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Non-profit foundation promotes energy preservation in Lhasa

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16:16, April 24, 2013

The Tibet Ecology and Environment Foundation (TEEF) has held a series of non-profit campaigns since 2010 such as the "Tibet-Environment Protection with Loving Hearts" and the "Installment of New and Environmental-friendly Dust Bins in Lhasa". In 2012, it initiated the "Lhasa Lighting Renovation for Energy Preservation Non-profit Program" and set up an exclusive fund.

Li Zishen, vice board chairman and secretary of TEEF introduces that TEEF is investing in the renovation program using this fund. The units under renovation do not need to pay. In return, the money saved by the renovated electricity will go back to the TEEF's fund.

In this program, widely-used but inefficient and out-dated filament lamps, energy-preserving lamps, fluorescence lamps and high voltage sodium lamps are replaced by LED lamps. The renovation will be extended to lightening facilities of Lhasa’s business, industries, units, schools and public lightening.

The core technology of LED is a semi-conductor device which is able to convert light into electricity. It has been widely regarded as the new generation of leading-edge lighting source. Plus, LED lamps are energy-preserving, enduring, environmental-friendly and low in maintenance cost.

In 2012, TEEF had finished "Sichuan Guild Hall energy preservation Renovation Demonstration Project". The recipients of this project said that electricity has been effectively saved ever since. The monthly electricity bill of the first season this year is more than 30 percent lower compared with pre-renovation period. The renovation project did not change the original facilities and circuits, but only the lamps, thus not affecting daily operation. He added that it is necessary to implement this energy preservation and pollution discharge reduction project to larger areas.

Founded in 2005, TEEF is a non-for-profit local public foundation in Tibet Autonomous Region. Its purpose is to promote the development of ecological construction and environment protection in Tibet by carrying out non-profit programs and campaigns.

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